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Are Dentures Right For Me
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This is an extremely critical question that needs to be discussed at length with any patient that is contemplating removable prosthetic dentures.  Patient success when transitioning to dentures depends on many factors.  An obvious factor would be how correctly the dentures are constructed.  Beyond that, the majority of elements contributing to a successful outcome involve numerous patient issues such as motivation and expectation.  A patient may also exhibit physical limitations such as lack of supporting structures or poor muscle control.  It is important to have a frank and open discussion about issues that are of concern.  The relationship between the patient and dentist is one of the most important factors of success.  A patient needs to feel confident that they are receiving the absolute best care.

Are dentures right for me?  That is question that can only be answered by a well informed and aware patient.  I always urge any prospective patient to obtain several opinions and make a decision only when they are comfortable with the dentist and the course of treatment.

Are Dentures Right For Me ?

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