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Over the years I have heard about everything; from, “I was just eating scrambled eggs” to, “My dog chewed my denture.”  There are many ways that a denture can break or become bent, but one thing is a pretty safe bet: If you try fixing the denture yourself, it will most likely end with you having to make a new denture.  The methods used in a dental laboratory require specialized techniques.  A broken denture is not, “just glued back together.”  If a denture tooth breaks, it is not simply, “glued back in.”  Despite the stories you sometimes hear about how someone’s neighbor has been gluing his denture back together for the past 20 years, the over-the-counter, so called, denture repair kits are generally a one way ticket to a new denture.
Crazy glue is another very effective way to ruin a denture.  Humor aside, it is no fun to have to make a new denture because of a DIY mistake. 

I maintain my own laboratory so I can provide affordable denture repairs while you wait.  Before you head down to the drugstore or Home Depot, please call me for the cost to repair your denture properly.

Before you reach for the Crazy Glue!
Please read this:
Denture Repair Facts
This is how a denture is professionally repaired

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